E-book Ekonomi Syariah pkes  DI  

  1. E-book Tata Cara Pendirian BMT (pkes publishing)–NEW (230908)
  2. E-book Bankku Syariah(pkes publishing) –NEW (230908)
  3. E-book Perbankan Syariah (pkes publishing) –NEW (230908)
  4. E-book Lembaga Bisnis Syariah (pkes publishing) –NEW (230908)
  5. E-book Tanya Jawab Ekonomi Syariah (pkes publishing) –NEW (240908)
  6. E-book Gerakan 3H Ekonomi Syariah (pkes publishing) –NEW (240908)
  7. E-book Tuntunan Praktis Menggunakan Jasa Perbankan Syariah (pkes publishing) –NEW (240908)
  8. E-book Kamus Populer Keuangan dan Ekonomi Syariah (pkes publishing) –NEW (240908)
  9. E-book Menjawab Keraguan Umat Islam Terhadap Bank Syariah (pkes publishing) –NEW (240908)
  10. E-book Khutbah Jumat 1 (pkes publishing)—NEW (240908)
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